The child trafficking of illegal alien minors has gone way too far. Biden has blood on his hands, and it’s the blood and tears of illegal alien children who are being trafficked before our eyes. Luckily, brave Americans are stepping up to try and stop the abuse of the kids. Drew Hernandez has been investigating what’s going on at the border and has been doing excellent work. Please consider supporting Hernandez at this link:

Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez and Alex Jones spotted a car being loaded with illegal alien minors and noticed the kids were not belted and even in the car’s trunk. The unsafe conditions and the lawlessness of trafficking kids made Hernandez and his crew take action. In the video below, they confront the people at Catholic Charities to try and stop the trafficking:

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This is how the worker at the Catholic Charities reacts to questions from Hernandez:

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Hernandez says the smuggling has stopped because they are there:

Busses filled with illegals…

Drew Hernandez spoke about the cartels:

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