A guest post by Haley Sanibel of Blue State Conservative.

Even though no one watches the Women’s NCAA tournament – can anyone even define what the women’s tournament is? – that doesn’t mean these women, err…people, should be spitting on a symbol representative of freedom, sacrifice, and opportunity.

One Final Four team, to their everlasting shame, did just that. Over the weekend, while Duke and UNC played one of the most exciting and emotional games in recent memory, South Carolina’s women’s squad gave the middle finger to the greatest country in the history of the world and displayed their immeasurable ingratitude over attending college for free and playing a sport at an elite level as opposed to, say, not being able to go to school at all like in Afghanistan or being sexually trafficked in Africa.

These spoiled college ladies have it so hard! Can’t you just sympathize with their plight?

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Twitter captured a disgusting picture of the affair:

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Gamecocks coach Dawn Staley also had a few words about the matter. It might be safe to assume to actually hates this country, as all leftists do, but like all of these ingrates do, she pretends to love it by attempting to destroy it and control it.

“I love our country, too. I don’t like what our country has come to, or what our country has been, but I’d like to think that there are people in our country that’s going to lead us more in a unified way than a divisive way, and I’m here for that.”

Don’t like what it’s become? What was it before? Would she prefer we return to the pre-Civil Rights era? The Jim Crow era? Slavery? Don’t get me wrong; I hate what this country has become. Under Democrat and RINO leadership, individual freedoms have been eroded. Under the Federal Reserve’s fiat system, we are slaves to inflation.

However, Staley isn’t worried about real issues like I am. Au contraire, she is simply parroting the childish talking point that blacks are still oppressed in America. You know, how being a Division One black female basketball coach is a sign of oppression. Or how thousands of young black girls can attend college and play a sport for fun and for a living. Or how every college and the entire NCAA has hired diversity coordinators to advance the identity politics agenda.

And, of course, Staley ends by saying she wants everyone more unified. Hogwash, as always. Whenever a leftist says “unity,” all they really mean is conformity. They hate the opposition. If they actually liked unity the way you and I imagine it, then they’d be all for freedom and liberty. Instead, they crush freedom and liberty in exchange for totalitarian groupthink.

Fox News offered this additional piece about the players’ misplaced woke pandering during the tournament:

“Some Cardinals players were wearing Adidas-branded shirts with a message on the back: “No person in the United States, shall on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

Staley’s team has stayed in the locker room during the anthem or protested in some form since the middle of the 2020-21 college basketball season. She told ‘Andscape’ at the time that’s players were sitting during the national anthem in almost every game that season to “bring awareness to racial injustice in our country.”

Interestingly, this stunt was pulled in the semifinals, and in the final game, South Carolina was courtside for the anthem. Did they solve racial injustice between games?

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