Earlier today, a 15-yr-old sophomore boy opened fire on fellow students at Oxford High School in Oxford, MI. Three students who were victims of the shooter are dead, and six have been hospitalized, including one teacher. The details about what led to the shooting are not yet known, but at least one student, senior Treyshan Bryant, said the shooter had been “bullied.” Bryant shared his unconfirmed story with local media.

Oxford High School student Treyshan Bryant told local WXYZ TV that he took the day off today but came to school when he heard there was a shooting. Hoping to get some information on the shooter, the reporter asked, “Did you know any of the students? Do you know who this 15-year-old is who did the shooting?” Treyshan answered, “No, I don’t know who he is, but I have seen him around the school. He’s a kid—you know, he’s a regular kid who goes to school. He’s been picked on, and stuff like this. So, when a kid has been picked on and bullied and stuff, you’re gonna get this reaction,” he told the reporter.


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Last week, an email was sent to Oxford High School parents notifying them of “rumors that have been circulating throughout the building that evolved from an incident a week ago. Social media users have used the statement from the school to the parents to accuse the school of knowing about a potential threat but not taking the proper precautions to prepare the school for such an incident. But according to Fox 2 News, the email was in response to a severed deer head that was placed in the school courtyard and graffiti that was written on the walls of the school.

Here’s a copy of the statement by Ian Miles Cheong, a popular conservative personality on Twitter. He appears to be accusing the school of downplaying the threat, although it’s entirely possible the threat was related to the severed deer’s head.

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From Fox 2 Detroit– It is unclear if the rumors from earlier in the month are related to the shooting.

According to the letter from the school, “student interpretations of social media posts and false information have exacerbated the overall concern.”

The district said it had investigated each concern shared by parents and students and found that there were no threats to students or buildings.

The letter also mentioned an incident from the week before. While the incident was not specified, a severed deer head and graffiti were found in a school courtyard in early November.

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