While the media tries to pin the blame for the coronavirus spread on President Trump, the experts he’s relying on even admit they had no idea this was such a contagious virus.

During the Coronavirus Task Force press conference today, the experts who were predicting a SARS-like virus said they had no idea this was a “global pandemic.” It’s very contagious…more contagious than the “experts” realized.

The prediction is dire for the number of deaths. The doctors predict 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus and that the next two weeks will be the worst.

Pandemic expert Dr. Deborah Birx says U.S. officials initially responded to the coronavirus outbreak the way that they did because they thought it was going to be “more like SARS” and not a “global pandemic” *BECAUSE* “we were missing a significant amount of the data” from China

More is coming out about China trying to cover-up (see video below) the coronavirus outbreak:

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Note in the video below that the doctor said they’re using numbers from Italy and not China to estimate deaths from the virus:

Senator Marsha Blackburn: “It’s no surprise Communist China lied about the number of COVID-19 cases. The CCP is not capable of being honest. They’ve been attempting to cover up their role in spreading this deadly global pandemic from day one.”

STAT NEWS reported on January 30th about missing data from China:

The approach, the experts told STAT, is likely resulting in both an underestimate in the total number of cases and flawed assumptions about fatality rates calculated by those who ignore the repeated caution that it’s too soon to do that math.

It’s more important than ever to stay home and practice social distancing:


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