LAKE ORION, MI – Michigan Conservatives gathered on Saturday, March 9, to defend MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell against yet another large retail corporation who has chosen to discontinue the sale of his products based on his political views. While Kohl’s blames a “decrease in customer demand” for their recent actions, Michigan patriots stand firm in their fight to protect the right to free speech in America.

Having involved himself in the battle against election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, Lindell’s company has lost partnerships with major distributors, including Kohl’s and Kroger.

During a recent interview on the Pete Santilli Show, Mike Lindell explained how Dominion is not telling the truth about how he’s using his public fight to expose voter fraud to sell pillows. Lindell explained how the big box vendors like Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger, and Wayfair have all dropped his products over his decision to pursue the truth about election integrity in America. “I lost 20 retailers, and it’s cost me $65 million this year that I won’t get back,” Lindell told the popular conservative host.

In response to the discontinuation of MyPillow products at Kohl’s, the following letter was passed around outside the Kohl’s store in Michigan, where the protest was taking place, calling for Americans to continue fighting back against these large corporations who seek to silence opposing political beliefs.

Dear North Oakland neighbor,

Did you know that the KOHL’S COMPANY has YANKED entrepreneur Mike Lindell’s My Pillow from its inventory because of his political views?

If you’re wondering how this can happen in an America founded on free speech, read on…

What’s called “CANCEL CULTURE” has swept the country on social media for years. Now we’re seeing the same vindictive tactics from Big Tech and even Disney, Kroger and other Fortune 500 firms.

Regardless of what you think of Mike Lindell’s support of Donald Trump or election integrity, popular American corporations like Kohl’s should NOT join the fanatical cancel culture or give in to their un-American demands.

It gets worse…

At the same time that Kohl’s discriminates against Mike Lindell for his politics, it is doing $200 billion worth of business with Chinese suppliers controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Keep in mind, this is the same tyrannical regime that has forcibly detained one million of its own Uighur citizens because of their ethnicity and Muslim religion. These men, women and children are now imprisoned in detention camps.

Yet, Kohl’s is rewarding these communist thugs, while punishing our own American success story, the My Pillow Guy, who climbed out of the dead-end of drug addiction to build a marvelous company that makes great products in America and by Americans!

Kohl’s is making a huge mistake in turning on Mike Lindell and joining the vicious Cancel Culture  — which, ironically, the American left has modelled after the “shaming” and “struggle sessions” of Chairman Mao Zedong, the genocidal father of Chinese communism, who murdered over 30 million of his own citizens.

Surely Kohl’s can do better! In the meantime, let’s start shopping at their competitors!

And let’s let them know how we feel!

Write to Kohl’s executives, CEO Michelle Gass, Doug Howe and Jill Timm at the following email addresses:

[email protected]         [email protected]             [email protected]  

[Feel free to borrow from the above text. And get your family and friends involved too!]

It has been several weeks since big-box retailers dropped MyPillow products, but by the looks of it, defenders of free speech won’t be giving up this battle any time soon.

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