Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was asked today, about the status of the Trump-Russian collusion investigation. Ryan immediately attacked Jeff Session’s DOJ for dragging their feet when asked to turn over documents related to the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation.

Paul told the press:

“It is our job to conduct oversight. That is why you’ve seen frustration. Frustration by me, frustration by Chairman Nunes, frustration by a lot of our members, that the footdragging by the Department of Justice, ah, should not be tolerated. And so, it’s funny, but because I’ve gotten involved as Speaker of the House, is why we’ve gotten as far as we’ve gotten, it’s why we’ve gotten the documents that we’ve gotten from the Department of Justice, the briefings that we’ve gotten from the Department of Justice.  It shouldn’t take the Speaker of the House to have to get involved every one of these times to get the Department of Justice or any department in the executive branch to comply with congressional oversight requests. That’s what’s frustrating to us.”

Frankly, the sooner the Department of Justice complies with all of our document requests, which are legitimate document requests, the better this is going to be for everybody. And had they complied with these document requests, earlier when we made them, we probably could’ve spared the country of all this drama.  

Let me just say this one thing…In all of this, in any of this, there’s been no evidence that there’s any collusion between the Trump campaign and President Trump and Russia. Let’s just make that really clear. There’s no evidence of collusion. This is about Russia, and what they did, and making sure they don’t do it again, and about us, the Congress, the elected representative branch of governemnt, conducting very legitimate oversight over the appointed executive branch of govenrment, and we expect them to comply with all of our oversight requests…because that is how good government works. “

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