Peggy Hubbard is a tough, outspoken mother and wife of a law enforcement officer. She became wildly popular when she made a video defending our law enforcement officers, and called out the thugs of the Black Lives Matter movement and their violent behavior against innocent people and businesses in Ferguson.
Hubbard hits a HOME RUN with her rant against the Feminizes who took to the streets in DC to promote abortion  ‘women’s rights.’  She speaks for the real majority of women in America in this awesome video. 

“You do not speak for me as a woman, you do not speak for me as a wife, you do not speak for me as a mother. When you start debasing what we are as women, and making your point by walking around with vaginas on your head and say, ‘do not sexualize me’ and ‘don’t treat as a sexual being.’ It’s kinda hard not to treat you as a ‘sexual being’ when you’re walking around with a va-jay-jay strapped to your forehead.

Especially with the likes of Ashley Judd and Madonna as your ‘standard bearers’? Really?  

My standard bearers were my mother, my grandmother… strong black women. She raised 8 children by herself in the inner city, in the hood…crime riddled. That was a woman!

Rosa Parks did not make her way and make her mark by riding a bus topless. Mother Teresa did not make her mark and make her way by offering blow jobs for votes. See, when you do that, you debase the very essence of a woman. You say you don’t want to be projected as ‘sexual beings’ but you walk around topless, bottomless and so concerned that someone’s gonna ‘grab your p*ssy?’ Looks like by looking at some of these women, their ‘cat’ hasn’t been grabbed since Eisenhower. And I’m just being nice. I didn’t know if some of these ‘women’ were actually women.

If you don’t want to be seen as a ‘sexualized’ as women and look at like ‘sexual objects’ then try putting on some pants, try putting on some clothes. Try being a decent individual.

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Telling us that God is not your god and that your vagina is more powerful than God?

You haven’t helped the women’s movement, you haven’t inspired the women’s cause. You have’t inspired me to join your cause. If anything, you’ve inspired me to run the other way.You do not represent the woman of this country. 

People look at us as a joke when we can look at Madonna as a standard of being a woman. Madonna had more men up in her than the million man march…”

Lets be real. They talk about Donald Trump grabbing a woman’s vagina, or trying to grab a woman’s vagina or allegedly grabbing a woman’s vagina. Clinton not only grabbed a woman’s vagina, he bent it over the desk, and stuck a cigar in it. But yet you say nothing about that. You say nothing about the fact that on Friday, on inauguration day, what did Bill Clinton do? He virtually undressed our new First Lady as she was making her way to her seat, and was caught glaring at her by his own wife! [VIDEO] Oh yeah, the video’s out there. He done undressed this woman, bent her over and had his way. Bill Clinton is a sexual predator. He’s been sued for sexual harassment. If you worked in the Clinton White House, your office supplies came with knee pads. So you want to sit up there and talk about what a man said he wanted to do verses what a man actually said he did, or was being charged with lying to Congress under oath. Being impeached. He is the biggest sexual predator there was. but yet these women do say anything about it. They have so much disdain for Trump. 

So spare me your rhetoric, spare me your logic. Spare me. I am a woman and you do not speak for me. I am more than just my bootie. I am more than just my vagina and I am more than just my breasts. I have a mind. I have a heart. I believe in God. He is my Lord and savior, and for you to tell me that your vagina is stronger than my Lord God? You woman have problems…”

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