This is as dirty as it gets. Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of a cover-up (see below) right before her scheduled meeting with him at the White House.

The president was fuming that Democrats dropped that bomb just before they came over to the White House and walked out of the meeting. Who can blame him? He then out to the Rose Garden and let Democrats have it (see below).

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer came out to speak about what happened. Nancy Pelosi proved she’s a sly one when she claimed “for some reason” President Trump left the meeting. FOR SOME REASON???

This was a total set-up by the Democrats! Nancy Pelosi had this long flowery speech prepared right after President Trump talked and then she said, “for some reason…maybe lack of confidence…he took a pass”…LACK OF CONFIDENCE???

Schumer’s dramatic statement will make you sick:”To watch what happened in the White House would make your jaw drop,” Chuck Schumer says after Trump came into their expected infrastructure meeting and told Democrats that he can’t work with them on infrastructure after Pelosi accused him of a “cover-up”

This bunch of Democrats are pathetic in their bullying of President Trump.

Here’s what happened leading up to the comments from Democrats:

In a surprise press conference, President Trump let Pelosi have it.

This is the moment where President Trump has put his foot down to end the nonsense of these investigations.

He came out and directly responded to Nancy Pelosi’s allegations that the president is engaged in a cover-up.

He said this entire thing was an attempted “takedown” of the President of the United States.

“I don’t do coverups”: In unexpected Rose Garden address, President Trump pushes back on the Mueller report and calls for further investigations

Earlier today, Nancy Pelosi claimed Trump was involved in a “cover-up”:

Nancy Pelosi met with key Democrats this morning to discuss the impeachment of the president.

She came out of the meeting with nothing much to say except that her conclusion is that President Trump is involved in a “cover-up”. She didn’t go into details because through her grin she said she had to get to the White House for a meeting with President Trump. We would love to be a fly on the wall during that meeting. The leader of the Democrats just accused a sitting president of a “cover-up” and then she acts like she going to meet for tea and crumpets. Wow!

“We believe that no one is above the law, including the President of the United States,” says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi following a meeting with Democrats. “And we believe that the President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up.”

President Trump has been under attack by Democrats since he was elected. He was investigated by the House, Senate, and Mueller Report. Enough is enough!

There is no underlying crime so what is he actually covering up? The attorney general and Mueller found nothing.

This is insanity! Over $30 million was spent on the investigation into President Trump but the Democrats want to find something, anything against him.

He should use his executive privilege on every move against him.


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