Well…that sure didn’t last long. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was apologizing to Donald Trump and now he’s paired up with Nancy Pelosi to defeat Trump. He’s even calling Trump voters “lazy drunks”…Nice, huh? Here’s a guy who’s connected to the drug cartels and sees no problem in shoveling millions of his citizens onto the hardworking American taxpayer to support. Furthermore, Mexican citizens in Mexico were receiving food stamps from America until a huge outcry so former President Fox sure has some nerve speaking about Americans like that.

Latin America’s toughest critic of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spent 30 minutes with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in Mexico this week plotting to help the Democrats defeat the businessman and give the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

In an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner Friday, former Mexican President Vicente Fox also said that he is “becoming a fan of” Clinton, who he compared to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and he disparaged Trump supporters as lazy, uneducated, TV watching drunks:

Well so much for all that conciliatory talk a few days ago. That’s ok, we never believed you had a change of heart regarding Trump.

Personally, I resent his characterization of Americans as “lazy, uneducated, TV watching drunks” because I don’t watch that much TV anymore.

So listen up you greasy beaner and this goes for that washed up has-been hag Pelosi too.

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Mexico made itself the enemy of the United States. You encourage your Mestizo horde to violate our sovereign border. A border set by a treaty which Mexico rejects since it lost the land to America by right of conquest over 160 years ago.

Your lousy citizens come here, take our jobs, commit sundry crimes, wave the Mexican flag, inject themselves in our political process and threaten to take back all the territory Mexico lost.

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At least your smelly forebears had the balls to bring rifles when they sneaked across the Rio Grande and attacked Rancho Carricitos, killing 11 American soldiers and starting the conflict that eventually cost you the entire American South West.

As it was, when the Mexican-American war ended by your abject surrender in 1848 American forces occupied your capital Mexico City.

The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo graciously returned all the land we conquered South of the Rio Grande. We even gave you $15 million and paid off claims amounting to $3 million that our citizens had against Mexico for the damage you caused by your aggression.

You should be grateful.

And none of it was necessary. We offered Mexico $5 million for the territory that now encompasses Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. Plus an additional $40 million just for California. A princely sum indeed back then.

You could’ve peacefully entered into negotiations, maybe even wrung more money out of us. But instead you spit in our faces refusing to even meet with our envoy John Slidell. Then you sent your troops, like thieves in the night to murder US troops peacefully encamped along the Rio Grande.

You people were cowardly chickenshits back then and nothing has changed since.

I sincerely hope Trump wins and keeps his promise to build a wall by rounding up every last one of your invading horde, putting them in chains and forcing them to do the labor.

To pay for it he can start by confiscating every penny they earned while they were here illegally. And if that don’t cover the construction costs, we should send our troops back to Mexico City to collect the balance due.
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