Nancy Pelosi is a bumbling mess. She’s third in line for the presidency, yet most of the time, she appears to not know the names of the people she serves with in the U.S. House of Representatives.

During a press conference today, she was asked about why Democrats aren’t voting for the women in the Democratic presidential primary races?

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Pelosi, who spends a great deal of time untangling her tongue these days, attempted to explain.

“And I think that…the…the…um…Kamala…um…I mean all of them,” Pelosi bumbles.

A confused Pelosi continues, as she looks to her side for help, “How many do we have? We have Kamala and Kelsey…I mean um, Tulsi.” Pelosi quickly self-corrects, “Tulsi. Kelsey’s my scheduler.”

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“Here I am,” comes a voice from the sidelines where Pelosi was looking for help earlier. Pelosi responds, “Are you around Tuls, I mean Kels?” she asks as she tries to giggle it off.

Trying desperately to recompose herself, Pelosi looked down before giving it another shot, “Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, um.”

The incoherent Speaker of the House can be seen nervously tapping her nails on the podium as the clip ends.


Here’s a clip from a press conference Nancy Pelosi last year when she couldn’t recall the names of many of her Democrat colleagues. The face of the man standing behind her says it all.


Many of the aging and incoherent Democrat lawmakers, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Senator Bernie Sanders, and others, tasked with making decisions on our behalf, should be of concern for every American.

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