Pelosi Dreams of Murder, Calls Trump “An Accessory” in Her Fantasies

Pelosi Thinking Fondly About Murder at the Capitol, Fantasizing that Republicans & Trump are to Blame


In an interview with Joy Reid on MSNBC, this week, Nancy Pelosi expressed her undying impish love for Barack Obama and his inauguration speech.  However, the conversation quickly went from gloriously insipid to morbidly morose when discussing Republicans and Donald Trump, who she calls “That Dark President.”

Whoah, Nancy.  “Dark President?”  Those words are…problematic, aren’t they?

But, Pelosi continued, as if she was playing a heightened caricature of herself, to assert that Donald Trump is an accessory to murder:

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“…The crime in some cases was murder.  And, this president [Trump] is an accessory to that crime because he ackn–instigated that insurrection that caused those deaths and that destruction.”

Pelosi also muttered through troublesome dentures and difficult thoughts her distaste for President Trump and the few remaining Republicans who still believe in things like the second amendment:

“The disrespect that they have, uh, for the institution of congress is, is uh, so, uh, tran, so palpable”



Pelosi may not be a great speaker–or even a good one.  She fumbles and bumbles a lot. But, there is a silver lining:

Until she is senile enough to need an earpiece to tell her how to properly walk inside a building, she will never be senile enough to steal an election and become president

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