Democrats couldn’t be more nasty! Watch as Nancy Pelosi just stands and smirks while a liberal activist talks about pushing President Trump “over the edge”:

Pelosi starts in the video by stuttering: “What this occasional occupant of the White House is doing”…She says he’s undermining the “values and dignity” that every person deserves and he’s “taking us down a wrong path”. All rhetoric that fit right in with this crowd in San Francisco who laughed like hyenas when the activist suggested President Trump should be “pushed” over the edge. Pelosi smirked and said nothing back to the guy about his comment.

Everything Pelosi says is snarky and untrue but what’s more noticeable is her constant stuttering and inability to pronounce the correct words during her speech. She gets lost and can’t remember what to say.

Pelosi continues by slamming Republicans in Congress with the lie that Congress doesn’t check President Trump.

Pelosi calls President Trump’s economics “over the edge” and then a guy in the audience yells out “push him!”


She’s the last person anyone would want speaking out on their behalf, so why then, have the Democrats kept Nancy Pelosi in a leadership role in the House for the past 16 years?

In a bizarre interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was asked about the plans the Democrat Party has for President Trump if they win big in the 2018 elections and take control of the House. Pelosi’s response was stunning, in that she is barely able to string two coherent sentences together. Even the interviewer appears to have no idea what the heck she’s talking about.

Why would the Democrats want someone representing the Party who is clearly incapable of stringing two sentences together?


Here’s Nancy Pelosi, during the same interview, defending her role as Speaker. Her response is equally perplexing:

You don’t have to look too far to see why the broke Democrat Party would be willing to continue to make Nancy Pelosi the face of their Party.

It’s all about the money for the cash-strapped Party…

According to CNN-

A number of Democrats running for the House have shunned Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — but they may have to thank her for their seats if they win this fall.

Internal documents obtained by CNN show that the California Democrat remains a fundraising juggernaut for House Democrats as they battle to pick up the 23 seats they need to retake the House majority for the first time since the GOP won control of the chamber in the 2010 midterms.

Through June, Pelosi had raised an eye-popping $83 million for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the 2018 election cycle, more than double the next closest Democrat, according to an internal list for the group charged with electing more Democrats to the US House of Representatives. A source briefed on the matter said that through July she had raised nearly $91 million for the party committee, which is spending big in hotly contested races including where Democratic candidates are running away from Pelosi.

Despite facing more opposition from Democrats than any other time in her career, Pelosi’s fundraising strength remains her biggest asset — a clear sign why she continues to maintain a hold atop her caucus. If Democrats retake the House in November, Pelosi is certain to use that appeal to try to convince even her skeptics to give her another opportunity to take the speaker’s gavel.


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