It’s official.

The Pentagon has confirmed that U.S. bases have been attacked at least 13 times within the last 7 days.

This news comes as word of another attack has come within the last hour.

This raises the question: Where’s the media coverage on this?

If President Trump were still in office, don’t you think the media would be criticizing his foreign policy if U.S. bases were being attacked under his watch?

Not once… but THIRTEEN times?

The fact that our enemies feel so emboldened to attack our troops proves that they don’t fear Joe Biden at all.

This is dangerous for our country at a time when global affairs are simmering.

Can you imagine this happening under President Trump?

Of course not.

Because it didn’t happen.

Yet dozens of our brave men and women have been injured due to the attacks on U.S. military bases.

Where is the response and leadership from Joe Biden?

Why has this only been acknowledged through the press secretary for the Pentagon?

The New York Post reports that these attacks are happening thanks to Iran:

Iran’s proxy terrorists have increasingly targeted Mideast bases that include American military forces, raising the specter of the US being dragged into an armed conflict.

US and allied military personel have thwarted many of the attacks, although others have caused some damage and minor injuries.


Biden administration officials have issued stern warnings against Iran and the terror groups it supports over the continued provocations, with a top aide vowing Monday, “We will not hesitate to protect our forces.

“We don’t necessarily see that Iran has explicitly ordered them to take these kinds of attacks,” Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder told reporters Monday.

“We haven’t seen a direct order, for example, from the Supreme Leader saying: ‘Go out and do this,’ ” he said before adding, “No one wants to see a wider regional conflict, but we will not hesitate to protect our forces.”

John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesman, added, “We know Iran’s goal is to maintain some level of deniability here.

“But we’re not going to allow them to do that. We’re also not going to allow any threat to our interests in the region to go unchallenged.

Don’t you think our adversaries in China are paying attention?

Or what about Putin in Russia?

The reality is that when leadership is weak, that creates a vacuum.

Right now, there’s chaos in the world because there’s no U.S. leadership.

Biden is weak, and our enemies are taking full advantage of it.

If we aren’t careful, what’s happening overseas could soon happen here.,

At least two dozen U.S. military personnel have been injured.

If this were any other president, the media would be calling this a “crisis.”

Yet Joe Biden was able to go vacationing this past weekend at his beach house without any pushback from the press.

NBC News confirms that dozens of troops are injured:

Two dozen American military personnel were wounded last week in a series of drone attacks at American bases in Iraq and Syria, U.S. Central Command told NBC News on Tuesday.

The Pentagon confirmed the attacks last week, but the number of U.S. casualties has not been previously disclosed.

Twenty American personnel sustained minor injuries on Oct. 18 when at least two one-way attack drones targeted al-Tanf military base in southern Syria, CENTCOM said.


One of the drones was shot down. All of the wounded personnel were returned to duty, CENTCOM said, and there was no damage to any military installations.

On that same day, another four American personnel suffered minor injuries during two separate drone attacks against U.S. and coalition forces stationed at al-Asad base in western Iraq, CENTCOM said.

Unless something changes, these attacks will continue.

So far, troops have only been injured.

But will Biden finally take action if, God forbid, someone was killed by these terrorists?

Hopefully, it won’t get to that point.

But given the lack of leadership, it’s hard to imagine any scenario where things don’t get worse.

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