Last week, after President Trump retweeted a hilarious WWE wrestling video featuring “Donald Trump” body-slamming WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, with a CNN logo dubbed over his head. Instead of letting it go, CNN chose instead, to threaten the person who allegedly created the meme. As it turns out, threatening to “out” a private citizen for exercising his right to free speech, simply because it offended CNN, probably wasn’t a very good idea. #VeryFakeNews has been getting hammered on social media ever since, and their ratings are have plummeted as a result.

A couple of days ago, we posted a hilarious meme depicting CNN’s president Jeff Zucker, who seems to have made it his mission to destroy President Trump, as Hitler. Infowars has created a CNN meme contest, offering a $20K reward to the winner, as a way to encourage as many people as possible to create memes that expose the fake news network.

The internet has provided some pretty funny CNN memes, but so far, the “Liar Liar” video is our favorite. The meme maker couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate clip, considering the logo dubbed over “liar” Jim Carrey’s face is that of the #VeryFakeNewsCNN.


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Here’s the actual scene from the movie, “Liar Liar” with Jim Carrey:



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