Aren’t we lucky? Our first lady is fantastic!

She attended the White House Christmas party wearing a beautiful sleeveless white dress.

As usual, she was stunning!

Watch the video below as the president and first lady make their entrance to a festive crowd:

Looks like fun!

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Photos from the gathering:

The press was not invited to take photos but some popped up on social media.

Melania Trump has been in a festive fashion mood with all of the Christmas events on her plate. The Toys for Tots event that the first lady attended last week and the arrival of the White House Christmas tree before that were two events that the first arrived at decked out in festive Christmas attire.

Even though fashion magazines like Vogue totally ignore our first lady, we know that women across America have a great appreciation for her incredible sense of fashion. That’s why we love to celebrate Melania Trump…She’s OUR fashion icon.


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