Two weeks ago, after the Michigan Conservative Coalition organized a protest against the draconian shutdown measures put in place by Michigan’s radical governor, Gretchen Whitmer. The protest, dubbed #Operation Gridlock, brought an estimated 15,000 vehicles to Lansing, MI. Instead of listening to the concerns of her constituents who traveled to the state’s Capitol to make their objections to the state’s shutdown heard, Whitmer accused them of endangering others and threatened to extend the shutdown, a threat she followed through on shortly afterward.

Shortly after the protest, a petition to recall Governor Whitmer began circulating around on social media. According to MLive, Chad Baase, 39, of Albion started the petition to recall Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

So far, 326,776 people have signed the petition that reads:

Recall Governor Whitmer. Her failures during the Covid-19 Corona Virus is causing more Michiganders to get sick. Closing and banning various non-essential businesses and activities while leaving others open. Further promoting the pandemic. She has lied since day one with her #Fixthedamnroads which she has failed to do anything in this regard. The response to #PFAS was negligence and completely removing funding for #PureMichigan clearly shows her lack of anything positive for the State of Michigan. 

MLive spoke to Baase, who said Whitmer has destroyed the Michigan economy and violated the civil rights of residents by imposing restrictions on business and recreational activity in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s not just the stay home order,” Baase said. “She has stomped on the people’s rights in so many ways. There will be so many businesses that won’t be able to open up again because of the hurt she has put on them.

“A lot of people are suffering, and they can’t even get through the unemployment system because of computer problems.”

The petition’s language was scheduled to be reviewed Thursday, April 30, by the Michigan Board of State Canvassers via a virtual meeting. However, the governor’s legal counsel took issue with how Whitmer’s office was notified of the petition.

Michigan Election Law requires the board of state canvassers to notify an officer who is being petitioned for recall at least three days prior to a hearing. But the notification didn’t come from Johnathan Brater, director of elections and secretary to the Board of State Canvassers. It was sent instead by Melissa Malerman, of the Secretary of State’s Bureau of Elections, whom Brater asked to make the notification.

Aaron Van Langevelde, vice-chair of the Board of State Canvassers, called the claim “a disingenuous argument by the governor’s counsel.” The board considered a change to the rule but decided to table it for future discussion.

The vile hits against Michiganders by their unpopular governor keep coming. This morning, after CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to tie the protests in Michigan to the neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville, the VP wannabe governor of Michigan accused citizens of her state protesting against her overreaching orders racists.

Watch one Michigander tell Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA why he’s in Lansing protesting Whitmer’s shutdown. Watch the next video to see Whitmer’s disgusting response to the protesters in her state:

Fox News reported today about Susan Magocs, co-owner of Capri Drive-In movie theater, who’s petitioning to have her business opened during her lockdown.

The Capri Drive-in has been in business for 56 years. Magocs appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday where she said that “the drive-in seems very safe” and she doesn’t understand why she can’t resume business.

Magocs made the comments three days after Whitmer extended Michigan’s state of emergency and disaster declaration through May 28, even after hundreds of protesters, some of whom were armed, gathered in the state Capitol building to voice their displeasure with the Democratic governor.

In her declaration announcement, Whitmer said scientific data shows the state is not ready to resume normal operations.

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