Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI), who won her deceased husband, Rep. John Dingell’s seat in Congress, is cut of the same cloth as her late husband. She talks a good game about “bi-partisanship” and “crossing the aisle,” but on Wednesday, she showed her true colors, when she locked arms with Nancy Pelosi for the cameras in a show of unity on their way to the House chambers where together, they would vote in the most partisan impeachment of a President in American history.

While Democrats were impeaching him in D.C., President Trump was landing in Battle Creek, MI, where over 10,000 supporters stood for hours in 17-degree temperatures to show their support for the man who brought hope back to a state that had been ignored by Democrats for decades.

During his rally in Michigan, Trump mentioned Rep. Debbie Dingell, and how she called him to ask him to open up the Rotunda for her husband’s John Dingell’s funeral. The Democrat Rep. John Dingell openly despised President Trump. He relayed a conversation to the audience that he had with John’s wife, Debbie, who thanked him for honoring the life of her husband by flying the flags at half-staff and opening up the Rotunda for his funeral.

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According to Trump, Debbie Dingell told him that her husband, John Dingell was “looking down” and would be “so thrilled” at the lovely gestures Trump made to honor the life of a man who hated him. After acknowledging Debbie’s part in the impeachment, Trump snarkily told the crowd that perhaps instead of her husband John Dingell looking down at him that he was actually “looking up” at him? 

The media excoriated Trump for his “tasteless” remark.

What they didn’t report about, however, was the time that Rep. John Dingell told President Trump to “go to hell,” only one month before the 2016 election.

Or the time he mocked Trump for his efforts to make Mexico responsible for helping to secure our borders, only weeks after his inauguration:

One day before the impeachment vote, Rep. Debbie Dingell told CNN’s “At This Hour” that she changed her mind about voting for impeachment after an “enormous amount of pressure” from seeing ads from Tom Steyer and and how divided the country has become.

Hmmm…if Debbie was feeling so much pressure from George Soros’, and she was unsure about her position on impeaching President Trump, why was she speaking to a group at a podium with an “IMPEACH” sign sponsored by

Breitbart News reports – “You know, I was one of the most recent people to come out — under an “enormous amount of pressure, I might also add,” Dingell told host Kate Bolduan. “I was the focus of ads by both Tom Steyer and, but I was worried about how divided this country is. And quite frankly, we’re continuing to see how divided the country is, though you can’t be divided on the rule of law.”

She continued, “You know, everybody says Speaker Pelosi, but for me, those clarifying moments were when the inspector general said a whistleblower filed a case. He found them to be true and credible and … urgent to our national security. That’s my job, to protect this country and to protect the Constitution. I think there’s a lot of confusion, a lot of chaos out there. I am actually surprised back home. I knew what Ann Arbor would be very supportive, but my downrivers voted for President Trump. They’re asking questions, they’re puzzled, they’re focused. They’re not sure.”

Now, the phony “bipartisan” political hack lawmaker who joined arms with Nancy Pelosi in a show of support for her impeachment efforts of an innocent president, is fundraising off President Trump’s comments about her husband.

From The Hill – “We urgently need 500 supporters to step up right now and donate as a way of saying: President Trump, you are not going to get away with bullying and insulting our congresswoman,” an email with the fundraising pitch said.

The Michigan representative’s campaign also said in the email that “President Trump spent most of his time attacking members of Congress like Debbie and the press, rather than focusing on the issues that matter to the American people.”

Dingell’s comments are sure to be met with criticism from the people in her district, which is largely made up of blue-collar workers (the forgotten men and women) who will benefit from Trump’s USMCA agreement with Mexico and Canada.  For decades, the Democrat Party has ignored the mass exodus of manufacturing from the United States to other countries. President Trump campaigned on bringing those jobs back to America, while politicians like Barack Obama openly conceded that those jobs were lost and weren’t coming back. The Democrats, who’ve done nothing but focus on impeaching President Trump since they gained a majority in the House in 2018, are now attempting to take credit for the USMCA agreement. They deserve NONE of the credit for Trump’s efforts to undo the disastrous Clinton NAFTA agreement and replace it with one that would favor American workers and businesses.

Debbie Dingell talks a good game, but in the end, she’s nothing more than a political hack who speaks about the importance of bipartisanship but walks in lock-step with the Democrat Party, who’ve completely lost sight of why voters in their districts elected them.


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