Kamala Harris is a phony. She’s been caught in lies about her college days, claiming she was a fan of rappers who hadn’t even emerged as recording artists yet. She changes her accent depending on what city she’s visiting. She openly dated a married man who happened to be the Mayor of San Francisco. The list goes on and on.

Harris just released a video claiming “generations” of her family celebrated Kwanzaa. This is an impossibility.

Kwanzaa was “invented” in 1966 after the Watts Riots and wasn’t mainstream until the late ’80s.

Our Kwanzaa celebrations are one of my favorite childhood memories. The whole family would gather around across multiple generations, and we’d tell stories and light the candles. Whether you’re celebrating this year with those, you live with or over Zoom, happy Kwanzaa!  

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It’s doubtful Harris’ Indian and Jamaican parents celebrated Kwanzaa while living in Canada. This is an epic moment of political pandering.

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