A photo published on social media is going viral because it shows Joe Biden is the only world leader at yesterday’s virtual climate summit wearing a mask. There were 40 world leaders involved in the summit and not one wore a mask during the virtual call.

Remember that Biden has had the covid vaccine but STILL wears two masks. This is almost as asinine as Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry saying we have to completely eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere.

This is embarrassing but what’s even worse is Biden is sending mixed messages confusing Americans considering getting the vaccine. This is completely all about politics and Biden doing what he’s told to do by his far-left handlers.

In the photo below, Biden is on the right side and is the second one down. How can anyone miss him with his big black mask on.

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This is all political posturing and is embarrassing to the U.S.

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How do they expect people to get the vaccine if it changes NOTHING?

Biden also goofed during a teleprompter reading. He got the words salon and saloon mixed up.

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