PRESIDENT TRUMP AND FIRST LADY MELANIA TRUMP joined their family at Mar-a-Lago for the first visit to the ‘Winter White House’ in 2019.

It’s been almost 70 days since Prresident Trump has visited Mar-a-Lago. Ivanka, Jared and their three children also joined for the weekend.

According to The Palm Beach Post’s George Bennett, there was a “larger than normal crowd waiting for the president to arrive:

Melania Trump stepped off of Air Force One looking gorgeous wearing a blue outfit with pumps to match.

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A huge crowd greeted President Trump, Melania and Barron:

President Trump wasted no time getting to the golf course today where he golfed with golf legends Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus at his Jupiter club. This is the first time President Trump has played golf with both of these golfers during his presidency. It’s also the 3rd time President Trump has played golf at his Jupiter club as POTUS because he usually golfs at the Trump International Golf Club. He was previously at Jupiter with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and Ernie Els in February 2017. He played Jupiter again in November of 2017 with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson.

Nicklaus had this to say about Trump’s golf game:

“I think of all the presidents that I’ve played with, he is probably the best golfer. I think he enjoys it, probably been involved in more of it because he was involved in it from a business standpoint before being president.”

That’s 32 combined PGA wins on the course with the president today:

President Trump tweeted out a photo with his good friends Nicklaus and Woods:

Palm Beach Post’s George Bennett is traveling with President Trump during his visit. He’s giving a great inside look at what’s going on behind the scenes. He even posted as video of the security for the president. Watch for the ‘Duck Dynasy’ look alike in the beginning of the video below:

Loyal Trump supporters were out in the rain to give him a thumbs up on his way back to Mar-a-Lago:

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