Biden’s Thursday night speech indeed confirmed the nationwide concern that the Democrat party has become increasingly radical and detached from the problems of the American people. While most Americans are simply trying to buy food and gas and survive inflation after many suffered financial harm during the lockdowns, the Democrat leadership decided to promote the notion that Trump supporters are the true “enemy of the state” and are a threat to the Constitution. Biden’s speech was draconian, and his inferences sounded like something from a dystopian movie rather than a nation built on free speech and thought.
New York Post writer Jonathan Turley called out Biden’s speech as well as his highly questionable use of the Marines, saying,

“The Marine Corps expressly forbids personnel from being used or participating in political events. Army officials stress that their rules bar such involvement because “actual or perceived partisanship could undermine the legitimacy of the military profession and department.”

He also added, However, “it was the use of the Marine guards that most stood out — framing the president as he declared Trump supporters a threat to democracy, denounced Maga Republicans 13 times, and repeated references to his past and possible future political opponent, Trump.”

Turley also pointed out that Biden’s speech looked like a “stump speech from Dante’s Inferno,” like a scene out of the movie V for Vendetta.


Turley also tweeted that General Milley’s response to a photo with Trump that could create “a perception of the military involved in domestic politics” vs. his silence on Biden’s use of the Marines and the Marine Band while attacking his political rival was notable.

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre verbalized these sentiments shortly before Biden’s speech, saying he sees the MAGA Republicans as “an extreme threat to Democracy.”


Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports said he normally stays away from politics but could not resist commenting:
So I’m minding my own business last night watching college football. And these images, I’m not watching Biden’s speech, I didn’t even know he had a f^cking speech. But all of these images come out. And, my God, the man looks like Nazi Germany with a dash of Cold War Soviet Union with a dash of Dwight Shrute, with a dash of Hunger Games. Just like the biggest dictator-looking set ever. Surreal. It’s surreal… If you can’t look at the photos and imagery that came out from Biden last night that without a doubt, it was the worst staging in the history of American politics…(Warning:Language)


Yet less than 24 hours later, Biden tried to walk back his speech. Saying “I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country,” Biden replied when asked by reporters at the White House about why he decided to say that Trump and his supporters were a threat to democracy.

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