THE NRA’S COLION NOIR discusses a CNN interview a family member of the nine victims of the massacre in Mexico had with Anderson Cooper. She delivered a powerful message that Noir says is important for all Americans to hear.

Kendra Lee Miller is a family member of victims of the horrific cartel violence that recently killed nine Americans in Mexico (see below).

At the end of the interview, Miller delivered the message:

“I say, fight for those guns, because these things are happening here in Mexico because people can’t protect themselves, because by law they’re not allowed to own these guns and so since the government isn’t doing their job of protection in the way they should these cartels can just wreak havoc and the people are left defenseless and so I say…”


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The horrific news of a massacre of a family in northern Mexico is hard to fathom.  Three mothers and six children were killed. Eight children survived thanks to one heroic young boy:

A Mexican cartel attacked the American families and then one young boy was able to hide the children in bushes until they could be rescued. He walked 14 miles for help!

Please pray for these children and families.

One of the eight children who survived the attack in northern Mexico Monday was able to hide six other siblings in nearby bushes before walking 14 miles for help.

A video of the aftermath shows a burned-out SUV:

The list of the 13 US CITIZENS AMBUSHED near LaMorita, Sonora MX:

Rhonita’s Family:
* 5 Dead…
– Rhonita LeBaron (mother)
– Howard & Crystal (2 oldest 8 & 10)
– Titus & Tiana (6-month-old Twins)

Christina (mother) dead
Her baby miraculously found alive in on the floor of her suburban.

Dawnas Family:
– Devin (13) walked home first for help.
Found alive:
– Kylie (14) – shot in foot
– Devin (13)
– Mckenzie (9) – Arm and back wound
– Cody (7) – shot in the face
– Jake (6)
– Xander (4) – shot in the back
– Brixon (10m) – grazed chest and arm
Found dead:
– Dawna (mother)
– Trevor (11)
– Rogan (3)

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