Another unhinged, and potentially dangerous victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The struggle is real…

Since President Trump took office, California has been the epicenter of the resistance, home to countless protests, marches, impromptu airport rallies and, of course, commentary of various kinds on Facebook and Twitter.

But it’s all been done at a distance because Trump has avoided California. Until this week.

Trump will spend Tuesday and a bit of Wednesday in Southern California, visiting prototypes for the border wall he’s vowed to build in San Diego and attending a fundraiser on Los Angeles’ Westside. – LA Times

Ross Gerber, president, and CEO of the California based investment firm, Gerber Kawasaki sent out a tweet on Sunday afternoon, asking for help to block President Trump’s motorcade in the streets, as he visits California this week.

Ross is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management. Ross oversees Gerber Kawasaki’s corporate and investment management operations as well as serves individual clients. Ross is a frequent guest on CNN, CNBC, Fox Business News, and Reuters as well as a contributing writer for He is ranked as one of the most influential investment advisors and Fintech innovators in America* and has over 43k twitter and 30k Facebook fans.

Ross and the Gerber Kawasaki team oversees $650 million of investments in technology, media, entertainment and communications companies for clients and the firm.

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First, Gerber tweeted about Trump’s visit. Gerber specifically appears to be asking for the help of “#Latinos”: “Alright LA friends. It has come to my attention that Trump is coming to our hood this week. He will be in West LA Tuesday or Wednesday night for a fundraiser. We have to give him the welcome he deserves. Let’s shut down the streets. We must PROTEST!

Next, Gerber tweeted about requesting help to stop President Trump’s motorcade in the streets: “Please help me identify where he is so we can do everything legally possible to show him what we think. Trump in <sp.> NOT welcome in California. We need to get everyone out on the streets and stop his motorcade. Please help RT. Peaceful civil disobedience. I will be there.  

Sorry Ross, but we’re pretty sure that calling for help to stop the President of the United States motorcade on the streets in California is not considered “Peaceful civil disobedience”…

Many on Twitter were calling for Secret Service to look into this serious threat.

This Twitter user tweeted: “Hello, Secret Service!”

This Twitter user reminded everyone of what would have happened if Patriots had blocked Obama’s motorcade any time from ’08 to ’16. “STA1T Of Liberty” tweeted: “they would’ve ended up like Clive Bundy”

That wasn’t the only threat the unhinged liberal made. Based on his outlandish tweets, it would appear as though Gerber is simply unable  to come to terms with Trump’s upcoming visit to California. Earlier today, we reported on a couple of tweets made by Gerber.  Gerber has deleted the first tweet, where he actually threatens Trump supporters.


When did it become okay for CEO’s of large investment firms to threaten Americans who support our President?

Before he threatened Trump supporters, Gerber called Trump supporters “scumbags” and speculated about who he believed would be hosting a Trump fundraiser: “Trump will be in San Diego working on his wall and west LA getting money from scumbags. We will find out who is doing the fundraiser and we will be there. I bet Tom Barrack and his fraud company Colony are hosting. I’ll find out where he lives. Come join me.  “

According to the Gerber Kawasaki website, Gerber is a frequent guest on several networks, where he shares his “financial expertise” with the viewers. Only one month ago, Gerber appeared on Fox Business News to talk about how he took advantage of the short plunge in Trump’s bullish stock-market. Gerber gushed to the Fox Business host that “This [Trump’s] economy is phenomenal” and then doubled down on Trump’s successes by saying how much the tax cuts have helped the economy and the markets, telling the Fox host, “We are very bullish” about this market!”

How can you have such visceral hate for our President, yet appear on TV talking about what an amazing job he’s done with the economy that is responsible for the success of your business and the strength of your customer’s portfolios?


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