President Trump tweeted that he was considering removing bailouts and forcing Congress to pay for their health insurance at the same rates as the rest of the country. BELOW, DR. MICHAEL SIEGEL AND MICHAEL NEEDHAM (BELOW) DISCUSS HOW TRUMP CAN TAKE THE OBAMACARE EXEMPTION FROM CONGRESS:

Michael Needham appeared on Fox Weekend News to discuss the possibility of President Trump removing tax-payer funded subsidies for individual members of Congress, and their staff, that allows them to avoid feeling the cost of ObamaCare.

He states that this tweet could put the right pressure on Congress to come to a decision by making them “feel the full impact of the premium increases that the American people are feeling.” The American people are tired of Washington playing by different rules. In order to escape the skyrocketing premiums and other disadvantages of Obamacare, Congress defined itself as a “small business” which would entail an organization that employs fifty people or less. This then put them into the DC Small Business Exchange, allowing them to receive up to $12,000 in subsidies. He believes that it’s the Senate that needs to step up to the plate since the House and POTUS have already stated their support.

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