President Trump made a surprise stop at a church in McLean, Virginia today. It was an unannounced visit and as you can see in the video below, the people are also dressed casually. It’s a “mega-church” called MacLean Bible Church where the parishioners come to church in casual clothes if they wish.

All the leftists could do was talk about the president’s shoes and casual attire. Apparently, it’s a huge controversy for the left when this president does just about anything.

The man who released the video below showing President Trump praying tweeted out a reminder to all of the anti-Trump haters:

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A sampling of the unhinged comments that are also addressed to Trump supporters:

-“Nice photo op for the grifter. He doesn’t give a shit about religion – it’s just another means for him to appeal to the large segment of his base who mainly consists of poorly educated people who cling on to childish mythology. Very common in 3rd world nations”

“I don’t think even southern rednecks wear baseball caps to church.”

“Look at his crony Self he don’t even look for receiving Prayer Satan is all over that Man

The White House released a statement saying the president made the visit to pray for the victims of Friday’s mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

The president came with good intentions. The left went nuts though. They criticized him mercilessly for the visit. Always taking the negative side of things instead of thinking of the positive. The comments on social media are downright disgusting.

David Brody tweeted out the video:

President Trump pops into church for prayer. This is at Mclean Bible Church in Virginia. Watch. It’s a church we’ve attended since 1998.

Since when is it not ok for the president to show up and pray with people?

The entire prayer:


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