Trump absolutely played the media today during his press conference today, and the butt-hurt “journalists” are crawling out from under their rocks to tweet back…CNN and the New York Times got the brunt of it, but anyone in the so-called “media” who allocates the majority of their time attacking and mischaracterizing President Trump, got a well-deserved earful today. Most Americans couldn’t imagine anyone in politics having the courage to take on our propagandist media two years ago, but that was pre-Trump. If the media’s going to make up or embellish stories, Trump’s going to fight back. Watch entire press conference HERE.

Crybaby Chuck Todd was in full-blown panic today following Trump’s press conference and tweeted, “This is not a laughing matter. I’m sorry, delegitimizing the press in unAmerican.” …Says the guy who was caught via Wikileaks colluding with the Clinton camp to help her defeat Trump prior to the election. Because the press working behind the scenes to affect the outcome of our elections is so…ummm…pro-American…right Chuck?

In a follow-up to his earlier crybaby fits, Chuck Todd posted an embarrassing rant on Twitter, where he tried to pin of all things “anti-semitism” on President Trump.

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Trump’s beloved daughter Ivanka is a converted Jew, his grandchildren are Jewish and her husband, Jared Kushner, who is one of Trump’s most trusted advisors is also a Jew. Todd’s accusation is beyond ridiculous and hateful. Perhaps he missed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s comments yesterday when he lauded President Donald Trump’s leadership, suggesting that the newly minted president can form a stronger relationship with Israel than former President Barack Obama had.

And for the record, here’s the document released by Wikileaks showing Chuck Todd colluding with Hillary’s camp to help her defeat Trump. Nice work Chuck. It would be a shame if someone exposed you!

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