Free speech is one thing but obnoxious reporters who squelch everyone else’s chance to speak or ask questions is another thing entirely. CNN reporter Jim Acosta won a decision today to get his press pass back after the White House yanked it for his selfish refusal to give up a mic during a White House press conference.

President Trump spoke out about Acosta as only our awesome president can…he told the truth:

“Yeah, it’s fine. I mean, it’s not a big deal. What they said though is that we have to create rules and regulations for conduct, etc…etc. We’re doing that. We’re going to write them up right now. It’s not a big deal. And if he misbehaves, we’ll throw him out, or we’ll stop the news conference.”


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“We’re writing them now…We’ll have rules of decorum…You know, you can’t keep asking questions. We had a lot of reporters in that room…many, many reporters in that room. And they were unable to ask questions because this guy gets up and starts doing what he’s supposed to be doing for him and for CNN and just shouting out questions and making statements too.”


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“I will say this, look, nobody believes in the First Amendment more than I do…and if I think somebody is acting out of sorts, I will leave. I will say, ‘thank you very much everybody, I appreciate you coming,’ and I’ll leave. And those reporters will not be too friendly to whoever it is that’s acting up.”

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