We’ve reported on the ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ being promoted at different schools across the nation but it’s right at our doorstep in Michigan. A neighboring town is just fine with the Drag Queens coming in to read to children at the local library.

According to the supporters of the DQSH, this is a good idea because:

“DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.”

The report below from PJ Media includes a town near us that is notably liberal. The library has been holding the ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for a year!

A former city commissioner decided she’d had enough and wanted them to stop so she took action. She is alone in her desire to shut down the DQSH but two groups have come forward to support her:

The Huntington Woods Library, in southeast Michigan, had been holding regular Drag Queen Story Time events for about a year when Allison Iversen decided she wanted them to stop.

Iverson objects to the posters all around the library promoting the event because she had to explain to her two children about the transgender world. Do the citizens of Huntington Woods get a choice to not experience this type of thing when they go to the library their tax dollars support? She doesn’t want taxpayer dollars to pay for this program.

She’s got a point.

One of the two groups supporting Iverson is from California:

Two groups, one from California, the other from Tennessee, promise to be in Huntington Woods to protest the next DQSH this month.

Arthur Schaper, the organizational director for MassResistance, said the Michigan chapter of the California-based pro-family group would set up a protest at the Jan. 26 DQSH event.

Warriors for Christ from Tennessee will also show to protest.

The Huntington Woods city commissioner says that the program has support and will continue:

“My hope is that the next generation of kids won’t see Drag Queen Story Time as anything unusual,” Krom said. “And they’ll just see people for who they are.”




Horowitz Freedom Center explains how

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