Suzanne Obetz didn’t think twice about bringing her daughter to a Trump rally but a NYT opinion column thought it was a big deal…and not in a good way. Damon Winter said he is “heartbroken” that parents are bringing kids to Trump rallies. Obetz didn’t appreciate the insult and let him have it…The NYT’s Damon Winter got an earful!

“My husband and I thought it was important because there was so much negativity in the news at the time about the Trump rallies and about how people were being violent and protesting,” she said. “That’s really the only thing that we were being shown. So we thought it was important to let our kids decide for themselves what was really going on…

“Well, over-exaggerated might be a good word. I was, again, put into the position of we are being labeled and put into a box in a category such as deplorables or whatever the phrase word is of the day. And it’s just another swipe at a large group of people who are just simply supporting our president. And to put us in a category, in a box like that…It’s insulting. President Trump has done so much for our economy. He has stuck by everything he promised us.  You have to listen to the bigger picture and the bigger message. He’s doing so much good for our country and you have to focus on the good things and not the petty things that are just there for argument sake.”


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Patty and I have been to several Trump rallies and find them to be like a family festival with great atmosphere. Young and old are there along with people from every walk of life. It’s what REAL America is like…

The last rally we went to was packed and there were very few anti-Trump protesters. We ran into a group of young men who were fantastic! We took a photo of these young people who were clearly touched by the atmosphere as they stood with us to watch President Trump’s motorcade enter the venue. I’ll bet it’s something they’ll never forget. We can safely say that the only people at the rally who were causing trouble or had vulgar signs were the leftist protesters.


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