A student at James Madison University, a public university in Virginia, uploaded a video to the University’s public Snapchat account in which he expressed his anger that Rittenhouse was acquitted after killing two Black people. However, the men killed by Rittenhouse were White.

This shows the extent to which misinformation has been shared surrounding the Rittenhouse case, and how so few people look further into the case aside from what they see on their personal media feeds.

“I simply wanted to publicly announce that the verdict of the Kyle Rittenhouse case has been nothing more than a disgusting reminder of what it’s really like to be Black in America. All the protesting, everything we went through in 2020 we – we really would think would make a change but clearly, it doesn’t. We scream Black lives matter but it doesn’t matter enough for these people who are in power, the jury, the judge, anybody to charge this man with murdering and taking away two beautiful Black lives at the ripe ages of 26 and 36. It’s disgusting.”

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The media has become so obsessed with White-on-Black crime that a simple headline saying a White man shot someone causes people to automatically assume the person shot was Black. The media has created this strong narrative of White people rampantly killing Black people, while Black-on-Black crime is statistically higher.  In 2019, the FBI reported that White people killed 246 Black people, while Black people killed a significantly higher 2,574 Black people.

Below are photographs of the men involved in the Kyle Rittenhouse incident. Thanks to media propaganda and the spreading of fake news, it is unknown to many people that these men were all White.

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