Joe Biden and fellow Democrats are in trouble in Michigan, and they know it. In 2016 President Trump promised to help auto workers by bringing manufacturing back to the “Motor City.” The problem for Democrats is that President Trump actually followed through on that promise, and it’s hard to refute the positive economic impact Trump ripping up the disastrous NAFTA bill has had on Michigan’s economy. Try as they may, Democrats are having a hard time hiding from NAFTA, the anti-American worker trade deal that was signed by former President Clinton and supported by former Senator Joe Biden.

Breitbart reports about protesters who called out Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden at a small rally last night in Detroit – Biden, who often touts his support from organized labor on the campaign trail, was met by protesters on Monday at a rally in Detroit. As the former vice president was speaking, a number of individuals unfurled two giant banners, one of which read ‘NAFTA killed our jobs.’ The individuals, some of whom identified as union members, began chanting “Biden killed jobs,” forcing the former vice president to pause and address the disruption.

When Biden was called out by a protester for his support of NAFTA, he asked, “Are you a Trump supporter?” adding, “Let ’em go…the Bernie bros are here.”

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The altercation in Detroit comes as Biden’s long-standing support for free trade takes center stage as the primary contest heads into Michigan. Sanders, who is hoping that a win in the state can restart his flailing presidential campaign, is hammering hard on the issue. In tv ads and on the stump, the Vermont septuagenarian has lambasted Biden for his support of NAFTA and the other free trade agreements, claiming that if Democrats were to nominate someone with such a record, it would essentially mean surrendering the industrial Midwest to Republicans.

President Trump won the coveted Macomb County, MI in the 2016 election. The formerly “blue” county in Michigan is seen as a must-win area of the state in the upcoming 2020 elections. Ten automotive OEM facilities occupy 25 million square feet and employ more than 35,000 workers in the formerly “blue” Macomb County.

In September 2019, we attended an Auto Workers For Trump flashmob rally in Sterling Heights, MI, in Macomb County. Hundreds turned out for the rally to show their support for President Trump, who at the time was fighting to replace the disastrous NAFTA with the USMCA trade deal.

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Here’s a video we took at the rally:

The Democrats are going to have an uphill battle in the pro-Trump state of Michigan.


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