In May, we reported about a massive all-female brawl at a baseball game at the Guaranteed Rate Field Stadium in St. Louis.

The Chicago White Sox crushed the St. Louis Cardinals 5-1, but most people won’t remember the game, but instead, will be talking about the ridiculous behavior of the classless women in the bleacher seats.

Now, a male spectator at a Lions-Steelers pre-season game in Pittsburgh has been caught on camera punching a woman in the face from the seat in front of her. The video begins with a blonde woman screaming at the male companion next to her, telling him to “Shut up!” A black male with dreadlocks can be seen taunting her and the man next to her as the blond woman gets in his face. The woman appears to grab the man’s arm in front of her, as he tells her not to touch him. Suddenly, the female slaps the black man’s face—that’s when he winds up and punches her in the face. When the male who appears to be with the blonde woman attempts to step in, the black male aggressor punches him several times.

People who were at the stadium are arguing that the woman started the altercation, while others are saying the man in front of her had no business punching her.

You decide…

Here’s the video:


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