First Lady Melania Trump attended the funeral of Barbara Bush this morning and was pure class in everything she did. She arrived with the Obamas and Clintons and was seated next to Obama in the front pew. In the video below, you’ll see the polite banter going on between Melania and Obama until Michelle Obama breaks it up…

WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT HEAR FROM THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA IS A TOUCHING SIDE NOTE: Melania brought two White House staff members who were close to former First Lady Bush.

Note that the tweet is from the same NYT reporter who just wrote a disgusting article against President Trump. Maybe Haberman is trying to make amends with Trump.

Watch Melania’s entrance at the 2:17 point and then polite banter with Obama at the 3:33 point and the 4:27 point: Was that a sideways glance from Michelle in the last clip? For a moment, it looked like we might be revisiting the Mandela funeral where Michelle glanced at Barack with a disapproving eye.

Barbara Bush passed away at the age of 92 this week. The wife of George H.W. Bush and mother of George W. Bush left a legacy of service, philanthropy and raw honesty in the public arena. She was beloved for those traits, especially by those who knew her the closest.

Daily Caller reports:

At Barbara’s funeral service at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, the love for Barbara Bush was on display.

The church filled up for the memorial service of the beloved public servant. The front row of the pew of the church featured some of America’s most famous political families. Melania Trump walked in, followed closely by Barack and Michelle Obama and then by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

While Melania attended the funeral alone and was surrounded by her husband’s political opponents, she was the beacon of class.

Melania stood proud smiling and waving at those in the audience. Multiple times she could be seen laughing and creating polite conversation with her husband’s predecessor, Barack Obama. The two could be seen smiling on multiple occasions.



It was my honor to travel to Houston to give my respects to Barbara Bush and the remarkable life she led as a mother, wife, and fearless First Lady. My sincerest thoughts and prayers continue to be with George H.W., and the entire Bush family.

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