THE CLINTON GRIFTERS WERE FANTASTIC MENTORS TO THE OBAMAS…Each donation of $100,000 got you a visit with Obama at the White House. Quid Pro Quo for sure!

We may not need to elect Hillary Clinton to return to the days when Travelocity could have listed the Lincoln Bedroom as a tourist destination.

According to a new review of White House visitor logs and the list of big-ticket donors to the Obama Foundation conducted by MapLight, every single six-figure benefactor got a meeting with the President — mostly through events conveniently left off the official schedule:

Every donor whose family or foundation had given more than $100,000 met with Obama at the White House, according to the review by MapLight, a non-profit research organization that tracks money in politics. The group looked at White House visitor records, the foundation’s website and its tax returns.

No matter how one cuts it, granting special access to campaign donors is corrupt, even if it’s not technically illegal and even if “everyone does it.” Selling access to boost a personal foundation is arguably worse.

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Obama has no job-related reason to start a non-profit foundation, however, and using public facilities to benefit his private endeavor constitutes at least a conflict of interest.

The timing of these invitations suggests a quid pro quo, too.

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Looks like the Obamas learned a few lessons about building foundations from the Clintons, eh?

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