According to Tucker Carlson, Bank of America has been turning over private customer information to the Federal government for the alleged purpose of “defeating extremism”.

Now, as Carlson points out, it becomes clear that it is Bank of America that holds extremist views, teaching its employers that even toddlers can be racist. According to Bank of America, “toddlers develop racial biases by ages 3-to-5 and should be actively taught to recognize and reject the smog of white privilege.”

Tucker’s guest, Chris Rufo, who is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, says employees of Bank of America are encouraged to undergo a 21-day training program recommended by the bank.

Mr. Rufo is actively investigating and reporting on the extremist views permeating corporate America and he’s reporting his findings.

Rufo tells Tucker that “Bank of America denounces America as a white supremacist country and by extension expresses antipathy and even hatred to 70% of its citizens.”

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According to the training program, all whites—”regardless of one’s socioeconomic class background or other disadvantages”—are “living a life with white skin privileges.”

People of color, on the other hand, cannot be racist.

Any normal person would’ve quit their job by this point. A lot of banks are hiring; why not work for one that doesn’t hate most of its employees and most of its customers?

Bank of America doesn’t deserve to have the word America in its name, nor should it enjoy the privilege of doing business in this country with whom it holds so much contempt.

B of A also doesn’t deserve to have the business of patriotic Americans. Hit them where it hurts and put your money elsewhere, if you work there, seek new employment.

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