One angry woman on TikTok, Bianca N., or @bla3kmagi3, has turned to the social media platform to air her countless grievances against white people. In one particular series of videos, she rants about white people taking up too much space, and elaborates on her personal belief that “white women are sinister.”

In the first video of this series, Bianca asks her white viewers, “Are y’all aware that y’all take up space with disregard for the people of color around you?”

She then generously provides examples to clear up any confusion or uncertainty one might have. “Sometimes the sidewalk is narrow to the point where there’s only enough room for two modes of traffic: one going and one coming,” says Bianca. “But that has never stopped white people from walking side-by-side and holding hands… People of color are taught to be aware of how much space they’re taking up at all times, so watching you guys take up space without even thinking about it is mindblowing to a lot of us.”

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Apparently, the comments left on her video infuriate her further, because she posts another video spewing out hate about white people. When one of her viewers suggested that this must be white men because she isn’t aware of this phenomenon, Bianca snaps.

How dare a white woman suggest that she isn’t inconsiderate.

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“Y’all are an exhausting demographic,” Bianca writes, referring to the white population.

“White women are actually one of the worst freaking culprits,” she insists, growing visibly upset. “Y’all disregard the f*** out of us in public spaces AND y’all disregard our personal space on countless occasions.”

Bianca continues on her little rant, growing more and more angry. “When it comes to white supremacy, y’all are the same.”


Reply to @ciellerf y’all are an exhausting demographic honestly #fyp #accountability #selfawareness #sameshit

♬ original sound – Bianca N.

Bianca then goes on yet another rant to further express her hatred of white women, as if she hasn’t already made herself perfectly clear. Her next video is her insisting that white women go “out of their way to insert themselves into your space.”

She claims that white women will “deliberately pretend to be your friend just so that they can commit multiple microaggressions and watch you squirm.” According to her, white women couldn’t possibly want to be friends with a black person. Their only goal is to get close to you so they can be subtly racist for their personal pleasure. What a sick, twisted view of an entire race of people.

“White women are sinister,” concludes Bianca.

It’s sad that this woman can label an entire race as inconsiderate and sinister while trying to preach against racism.


Reply to @k_taeddy so glad you brought this up ! #fyp #susanbanthony #sinister

♬ original sound – Bianca N.




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