Better to remain silent and be thought a racist, than to speak and get sucker punched.

An intolerant bicyclist learned the hard way, that heckling and prodding people will eventually net some results; bruising, swelling, possibly bloody results.

The troublemaker stopped his bike near a crosswalk where it appears several people of Asian descent were crossing.  Fearing no repercussions, the loudmouth was caught by surprise when he found out that his racist rhetoric had reached the ears of one man who didn’t want to be told to “go back to China” anymore.

The fed-up Asian man who was certainly out-sized by the taunting bicyclist, let off a bit of steam walking up behind the provocateur’s bike and served him with an unexpected punch to the back of his head.

This is what enough is enough looks like:

To say people are on edge these days is an understatement of indescribable proportions. Americans are deluged on a daily basis with social media posts showing people physically assaulting one another, hurling insults at passersby, and destroying property belonging to those who may look or live differently.

Sadly, we’re going to see more of these intolerant episodes as Americans have been primed by the MSM and the Democrat party to judge others by their skin tone and race, and that only certain people will be held liable for their actions.

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