On November 6, 2018, radical groups are encouraging kids to disrupt their fellow students, disrespect their teachers and disregard the rules of the school. They’re asking comrades students to walk out of class to vote, because apparently, the 12 hour period when polls are open for the rest of Americans, isn’t sufficient for the “everyone gets a trophy” generation. Every other American who votes on election day has to find a way to get to the polls around their work hours and other family obligations. Apparently, the current generation of students doesn’t believe they should be burdened by having to deal with the same rules as everyone else…They’ll just walk out of class.

Radical groups on social media are sharing the same “walk out of school to vote” message, as they attempt to set fire to their movement. “NOW THIS” features a young girl, who appears to be about 14-years-old explaining why students should walk out of class, citing climate change, gun control and student safety as reasons.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re not old enough to vote, organizers of the radical group are telling kids to skip school anyhow, as a show of solidarity with the kids who are old enough to vote.

PBS NewsHour Extra tweeted a message to the teachers of America: In light of Monday’s school shooting in North Carolina, ‘s plan for a is a good opportunity to talk w/ your students about what civic engagement looks like in its many forms.

Popular rapper, Snoop Dogg, who held a gun to President Trump’s head in one of his music videos, is encouraging kids to skip school and vote. It’s doubtful Snoop Dogg actually composed this tweet, as we’re pretty sure he doesn’t refer to students as “young folks”. LOL!

The National School Walkout group tweets an article about gun control, featuring Parkland shooting survivor and gun control activist, Emma Gonzalez.

And then there’s the group who want kids to break the rules of their schools to get to the polls to support DACA recipients, whose parents broke the law when they illegally crossed our borders.

Apparently, skipping school will end gun violence, protect our planet and SAVE OUR LIVES!??

Even the media whore teenager, David Hogg is getting into the act, asking kids to skip school and vote. In his vile vote, Hogg sets a specific time for kids to leave class to vote. Apparently, Hogg has been too busy looking for gigs on CNN to realize that polls are open both before and after school.

The blow-off school group is also using their platform to keep their followers updated on the progress they’re making on gun control issues. In this tweet, the National School Walkout movement brags about Fed-Ex’s decision to drop discounts for NRA members.

The radical Women’s March of Vermont group is pushing for young voters to walk out of college:

The real question is, how many of these kids who are skipping school will actually walk out of class and to the polls?

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