Senator Rand Paul took the stage with Trump at the rally in Phoneix, Arizona yesterday. The Senator, pacing back and forth holding a wireless mic, speaks to the people, especially those who are registered libertarians, about why they should support the President and vote for him. Paul reminds the crowd of the President’s State of The Union Address in which he declares that he will work to end wars and restore peaceful relations with other countries all around the globe (Speech/Rally streamed by Right Side Broadcasting):

[Trump] said that “Great nations don’t fight perpetual wars.”

I have a message for African Americans across our country: Biden and Clinton failed you!

The State of the Union was probably the President’s most moving speech that was full of surprises, he even invited a mother and her two children as guests and reunited the entire family in a tear-jerking surprise that the MSM hated, as previously reported by 100%FedUp.


CNN really knows how to help President Trump win reelection in 2020. The nonstop hate is such a turnoff to anyone who has a pulse.

CNN took a joyous reunion during the State of the Union speech and trashed it (video below) by having a bitter woman call the reunion of a military family “reunion porn”. Rush Limbaugh slammed the CNN segment and was standing close to the family during President Trump’s speech. He spoke to the reunited couple after the wonderful reunion (see below).

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Who wouldn’t love this incredible moment?


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Rush let CNN have it:

So, right now, CNN is blowing up the story of the returning sergeant from Afghanistan walking down the steps in uniform to see his wife and children who he hasn’t seen in months. CNN’s got some angry military writer, some woman who says (summarized), “This is bogus. This is reunion porn.” Reunion porn. “This is not what everybody thinks it is when they look at it. There’s often no follow-up, and the administrations that do it don’t care what happens to these people after they leave the House Chamber.


“They may have nowhere to stay! This happens, this is reunion porn.” Okay. CNN, keep at it. When are these people going to…? I hope they never do. When are they gonna figure out they’ve been burned? When are they gonna figure out none of this stuff is hurting Donald Trump? It’s only hurting them. They can see their audience dwindle away. They can see the respect that the audience has for them dwindle away.


Why even want to step on something like this? Why want to step on a military family being reunited by calling it “reunion porn” because Trump doesn’t really mean it because Trump doesn’t “follow up”? I was there. I saw this. I shook their hands. I walked out with them. They were deliriously happy. I pointedly asked them if they had someplace to stay. I was gonna get ’em a hotel. I don’t know. I mean, she doesn’t know her husband’s coming home. I don’t know where they live.
I was gonna get ’em a hotel room; then I stopped and said, “No, the president has obviously done that. The administration’s taken care of that.” So, I didn’t say anything, but that was my concern. The last thing in the world that would occur to me is to find a way to rip and criticize them. But they just keep on. I don’t know who they think they’re reaching and what they think they’re accomplishing.

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