It all began when a senior advisor to President Trump revealed that the rapper Ice Cube has been collaborating with the president on his “promise to Black America”…

The rapper was immediately attacked by the left for helping the president with the “promise to Black America” even though anyone would think this is something EVERYONE should get behind. No, anything to do with President Trump is off-limits for the left…especially a Black rapper who is supposed to stay in his lane.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Ice Cube defended his decision to work with the White House, arguing that “Black progress is a bipartisan issue” and “talking truth to power is part of the process.”

CWBA: The Contract With Black America

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The rapper was supposed to appear on the Cuomo Tonight show on CNN but was canceled at the last minute. CNN also doesn’t like it when any positive message about what President Trump is doing gets out.

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The LA Times covered the story but did what most biased publications do…they lied about President Trump’s track record on racism. President Trump has not had a “slew” of racist comments. He also was asked and responded “yes” in the debate with Biden that he denounces white supremacists. He has also repeatedly denounced racism and white supremacy but the media desperately wants to push the false narrative that President Trump is somehow, someway racist.

The LA Times delivers fake news about President Trump:

The LA Times article:

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