The video below is frightening! The beginning shows you the end of what happened to these two guys. The police fired a bean bag at the one guy because he wouldn’t get down. They took in both men after watching them all night. You’ll see later in the video that these two men were walking up and down the street shouting about police. This is a great example of why you need to arm yourself. Who knows what these guys were up to and what would have happened had the police not been there. 

LOS ANGELES ( — Police Tuesday arrested two men who were allegedly seen dressed in full tactical gear threatening to ambush officers.

Two armed black men were seen about 12:45 a.m. dressed in military garb walking on Century Boulevard between Yukon Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard in Inglewood, according to police.

While the men carried “assault-type gear”, officers monitored their activity but took no action for the safety of several bystanders watching, according to Inglewood Police Lt. Greg Held.

The men were reportedly walking the neighborhood in a Black Lives Matter-type protest.

The men were taken into custody for questioning shortly before 7 a.m. near Foothill Boulevard and Terra Bella Street, the Los Angeles Police Department reported.

Police fired a bean bag weapon at the men, which ultimately led to their arrest.

Video footage showed the two men “with what appeared to be assault rifles, body armor, and Kevlar helmets”, according to LAPD Deputy Chief Bob Green

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