During last weekend’s Essence Festival, R&B singer Jill Scott did a horrible woke rendition of the National Anthem, changing the lyrics to whine about the oppression of black people in America. Meanwhile, her net worth is $12 million.

Jill Scott

On the second day of the Essence Festival, an event meant to celebrate black women and culture, Scott performed her own version of the National Anthem which resulted in major backlash.

The lyrics, which are a disgrace to our nation, were,

“Oh say can you see buy the blood in the streets / That this place doesn’t smile on your colored child / Whose blood built this land with sweat and their hands / But we’ll die in this place and your memory erased / Oh say does this truth hold any weight / This is not the land of the free, but the home of the slaves.”

Essence magazine, the host of the festival, raved about Scott’s rendition, saying, “Everyone please rise for the only National Anthem we will be recognizing from this day forward. Jill Scott, we thank you!”

Other Americans, however, were not so pleased with Scott’s lyrics, criticizing her for teaching young black children that they are oppressed and for disrespecting our nation’s anthem.


Tweeting the video of Scott’s racially charged version of the National Anthem, politician Lavern Spicer blasted Scott for acting like she is oppressed.

“For reference, Jill Scott’s net worth is estimated to be $12 MILLION and is likely much higher. In what way is she oppressed?” asked Spicer.

Conservative commentator and podcaster Graham Allen also posted a video of the performance, saying, “This abomination against the National Anthem should result in immediate revoking of citizenship!! If you don’t love this country… LEAVE!!!”

“America is such a terrible country that millionaires sing about how oppressed they are… and continue to choose to live here,” comedian Tim Young commented.

Political commentator Matt Antar also bashed Scott for having the audacity to sing such a disgraceful version of the National Anthem.

“To call this a ‘National Anthem’ and ask people to ‘rise’ for it is really disgraceful. National anthems uplift – country they don’t put them down. Anyone rising or showing respect for this perversion of our national anthem is free to leave if it’s so horrible here,” wrote Antar.


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