Remember when Democrats attacked President Trump and his administration for refusing to allow an ISIS wife that attended the University of Alabama to return to the United States? Shamima Begum, was a teenager when she traveled to Syria to marry an ISIS fighter. Now that our military, under their direction of their Commander in Chief has decimated ISIS, she wanted to come back and pretend that she never joined the evilest group of terrorists roaming the Middle East. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told her to stay where she is, that she is not even an American citizen and we don’t want her back. The left went nuts…

Fox News is now reporting that even though ISIS has been decimated, the kids and wives of ISIS haven’t given up and that they’re determined to snuff out “the enemies of god.”

Children born to wives and fighters of the crumpled ISIS caliphate who are now left to fend for themselves in wretched refugee camps throughout Syria are being radicalized at increasingly younger ages, an ominous trend that’s emerged as the newest front in the ongoing battle to stop terror from taking root in new generations.

At the al-Hol camp in Syria’s northeast Rojava region, the problem is on full display.

“We will stand on the heads of the apostates and crush them one by one. By the will of Allah, Islamic State caliphate remains,” five young boys and one little girl chant confidently with fingers waving, an ISIS signature, from inside a tent purportedly at al-Hol.

The disturbing new video, obtained this week by jihadist monitoring service Jihadoscope after being circulated on pro-ISIS Telegram channels, comes on the heels of two other videos which surfaced last week from al-Hol, featuring a group of black burqa-clad women beside an ISIS flag.

“The sun arose on the Islamic State; believers have come from all corners of the world in order to join the glory of jihad. However, the non-believers did not stand down and gathered their forces under the banner of the malicious coalition to kill the Mujahedeen,” the women say, referencing ISIS militants as freedom fighters. “The mujahedeen proved courageous and legendary… We are living in terrible conditions. We see them walking around freely in their (infidel) ways… We are longing to return to the land of (the Caliphate).”

The women also offer a shout-out to their “brothers in the prisons,” insisting they remain both “faithful” and “pure” and are now “more fierce than the lioness when she feels a threat coming.” They also speak to ISIS’ mysterious sought-after leader.

“Our last message is to our dear, our crown, Abu Bakr the Khalifa, we say to you: stay on this righteous path,” they say. “There is no life here with these pigs and apes, and living under their bombs and machine guns… We’d rather die than live among them. And to you enemies of God, do you really think you will get away with what you did in Baghouz? We are like a ticking bomb. You wait and see what will happen to you.”

Most of the wives and children – many of whom are of Syrian and Iraqi origin – arrived at the camp in open-cattle trucks before and after the U.S-backed Syrian Democratic Forces took over the final ISIS stronghold of Baghouz in late March.

“ISIS women are sometimes painted as innocent victims, but many of these women played a crucial role in indoctrinating their children through formal education and indoctrination in the home,” observed Thomas McClure, a researcher for the Rojava Information Center. “This indoctrination is ongoing, as ISIS women organize ideological training for their children in tents, out of sight of the camp authorities.”

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