UPDATE: The new Smash Racism Twitter account was just suspended at 1:57 p.m. today. Thanks to The Daily Caller for alerting Twitter to this new account!

How in the world can conservative after conservative be knocked off of Twitter but the group that descended on Tucker Carlson’s home is back on Twitter? Obviously, the rules just apply to conservatives…

The group that organized a crowd outside of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s home a week ago, just went against Twitter policy to create a new account. They were suspended by Twitter last week after posting videos of what they did and calling for Tucker Carlson to “get outta here”.

They posted tweets containing Carlson’s home address for all to see and posted several videos from outside of Carlson’s home.

Carlson’s wife was home alone when this happened. can you imagine?

Alex Rubinstein has one of the videos:

The group is going against Twitter policy again but you know how it goes…Only conservatives have to abide by those rules.

The Twitter rule is;

“Accounts created to replace or mimic suspended accounts may be permanently suspended. We may also remove accounts which Twitter is able to reliably attribute to entities known to violate the Twitter Rules.”

We’ll see what happens…




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