Only months before the 2018 midterm elections, the AP reported a 650% increase in Muslims running for political office in the United States.

At the start of the 2018 election cycle, up to 90 Muslim Americans jumped into races for everything from school board to Congress according to the Associated Press. While only about 50 candidates remained at the time the AP article was published,  the number is still higher than it has been since before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Comparatively, only about one dozen Muslims ran for office in 2016.

In 2018, two Muslim women, made history when they were elected to the U.S. Congress. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who ran unopposed in Michigan and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) a Somali immigrant.

On the eve of the 2018 election, Rep Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was seen wrapping herself in the Palestinian flag to celebrate her win. Linda Sarsour, a radical Muslim activist, and friend of anti-Semitic hate preacher, Louis Farrakhan, joined Tlaib at her congressional office to celebrate her swearing-in to Congress. Following her swearing-in ceremony, Tlaib was caught on camera telling a crowd of supporters that she promised her little boy that when she got into office that they [Congress] were going to “impeach the motherf**ker!” Tlaib was speaking about the President of the United States.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a former MN state representative stunned Americans by repeatedly making anti-Semitic remarks. The newly elected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was forced to address her inflammatory remarks, forcing Democrat lawmakers to temporarily halt their attacks and President Trump, and instead, caused them to focus on damage control with Jewish donors and voters.

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In his opening remarks at an event to celebrate the election of three Muslim members of the United States Congress,  Nihad Awad, the co-founder and executive director of CAIR (a United Arab Emirates designated terror organization) told a Muslim crowd that “Usually about 40-45 Muslims run for public office. In the past two years alone, more than 270 American Muslims ran for public office—an unprecedented number. 131 of them won seats in the local, state and federal level.”

The America Muslim community would spend about half a million dollars, giving contributions to candidates that they like. In the past two years, the American Muslim community has spent $18 million to support candidates that support their issues.

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The CAIR director introduced Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) who once famously said that Americans should model their schools after Islamic Madrasses. Rep. Carson told the crowd that he won’t rest until in 2020, “We have five more [Muslim] members in Congress.” Carson continued, “2022 and ’24, we have ten more Muslims in Congress. In 2030, we may have about 30-35 Muslims in Congress.  Then we’re talking about Madam Chair Rashida. We’re talkin’ about Madam Chair Ilhan. Hell, we could be saying, Speaker of the House Ilhan, Speaker of the House Rashida, Senator Rashida, Governor Ilhan, President Fatima, Vice President Azizza. Carson finished with “Inshallah,” or god willing.

In June 2018, Michigan’s most conservative candidate for governor, Patrick Colbeck found himself in the middle a high-profile battle against the intolerant Democrat Party and their allies in the media, who are attempting to destroy his gubernatorial campaign, for having the audacity to reveal his Democrat opponent’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

During a “see something, say something” forum with retired Homeland Security Officer Philip Haney, on April 2018, the second-term state senator from Canton Township talked about a “civilization jihad” plot by Muslims to “change our system of government” in America by implementing Sharia law. The effort includes obtaining “positions of influence,” he said, noting Hamtramck now has the first Muslim-majority City Council in the country.

“But we also have somebody I will also likely be running against in the general election, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, whose parents apparently have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood back in Egypt,” Colbeck. “This is scary stuff.”


Colbeck clarified his remarks by saying, “I’m not casting aspersions on all Muslims, just those affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The response from Michigan’s Democrat candidate, Abdulrahman Mohamed El Sayed to Patrick Colbeck’s remarks has been ignored by the media. Instead of addressing Colbeck’s claims, El Sayed spewed a blanket claim that all Muslims hate Colbeck, not just El Sayed, but ALL Muslims.

“You may not hate Muslims, but Muslims hate you,” El-Sayed said after imploring the GOP field.

We’re pretty sure that if Colbeck told El Sayed that ALL Christians hated him, his career as a politician would have abruptly ended, yet, with the exception of a blurb in the Detroit News, this is likely the first time you’re reading about the claim El-Sayed made in front of a room full of people, including journalists, on behalf of every Muslim in Michigan (or perhaps the world?)

What do you think? After the divisive nature and anti-Semitic and anti-President of the United States rhetoric we’ve seen from the first two Muslim women serving in Congress, do you think America will be electing more Muslims to our U.S. Congress in 2020? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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