As the United States has faced an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration over the past few days due to the Biden administration’s repeal of Title 42, Biden admin. officials such as Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have all but admitted that they are doing nothing to repel the invasion.

Reporters who are at the border have indicated that some illegal immigrants are being given court dates that are as far out as twelve years from now and being released in to the country with virtually no reporting requirements until then, meaning that Biden is more or less supporting open borders.

When a federal judge struck down the policy to ‘parole’ illegal immigrants without giving them court dates, Mayorkas said that the ruling was ‘very harmful’.

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On Friday, Representative Chip Roy (R-Tx.) joined Rob Schmitt Tonight on Newsmax to discuss the crisis at the border.

He began by calling the situation ‘absolute devastation’ at the border.

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When asked by Schmitt how bad the border crisis could get, Roy said that the number of immigrants who could enter in coming weeks is ‘uncapped’ and alleged that the Biden administration is working with NGO’s and the Mexican government to usher illegal immigrants across the border.

He further said that the Biden administration is ‘complicit’ in the human smuggling chain and that border patrol agents have texted him saying the current situation at the border is a ‘broken arrow’ situation.

Then, Schmitt played a video of Mayorkas openly defending the flood of immigration at the border, saying that ‘businesses around the country’ need illegal migrant labor and that there a ‘desperate’ foreign workers who need jobs to send remittances back to their country of origin.

Roy then opened up on Mayorkas, calling him a ‘sanctimonious son of a b*tch’ and a ‘liar’.


“He’s a liar, that sanctimonious son of a b*tch is welcome to come down to Texas and talk to all the mothers who lost their children to fentanyl.  Talk to those parents who lost their kids, the 72,000 Americans who have died from fentanyl poisoning.  And he comes up and has the audacity to do this?”

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