Almost one week after the Nov. 8th election, (that by all indications should have been a shoe-in for GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake), AZ Democrat SOS Katie Hobbs was declared the winner of the governor’s race. The race was lost for Lake in the heavily populated Republican Maricopa County where according to Uplift Data tracking service, Republicans had 52.7%  of the vote on Election Day, while Democrats had 16.6% of the vote.

AZ GOP Attonrey General candidate Abe Hamadeh, who was also expected to win his race, is now suing election officials across the state of Arizona, alleging that “incompetence and mismanagement” caused “pervasive errors” in the midterm elections.

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Six brave election observers gave stunning eye-witness testimony on election day in Maricopa County:

US Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (R-AZ) is now calling for a “redo” of  the election in Maricopa County, citing “30% of the tabulation machines” that were “inoperable,” and “2 hours long” lines that were created as a result of the chaos created inside the polling places where mostly Republican voters were voting in person.

According to Just the News – 11 roving attorneys working on behalf of the RNC are now reporting that 72 of the 115 (62.6%) voting centers “had material problems with the tabulators not being able to tabulate ballots, causing voters to either deposit their ballots into box #3, spoil their ballots and re-vote, or get frustrated and leave the vote center without voting,” Sonnenklar reported.

Sonneker, who was a roving attorney during the mid-term “The strong consensus regarding why the tabulators would not read certain ballots was that those ballots, in particular the bar codes on the side of the paper, were not printing dark enough for the tabulators to read them,” Sonnenklar wrote.

At one vote center, Sonnenklar “witnessed several voters spoil two ballots” when the tabulators wouldn’t scan them. The time it took voters to spoil ballots, get new ballots, and vote again was in addition to the 1-2 hours many of them had to wait in line to get their initial ballot, he reported.


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