Last week, on October 14, climate activists attacked federal police officers as they forcefully broke into the US Department of Interior.

Dozens of demonstrators staged a sit-in inside the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), while protestors that were left outside grappled with police as they allegedly attempted to force entry, resulting in multiple injuries, according to multiple sources. “Go inside! Go inside!,” protestors shouted as they reportedly attempted to push into the building, video shows.

“Multiple injuries were sustained by security personnel, and one officer has been transported to a nearby hospital.

Twitter users ripped into the media and our unequal Justice Department for their double standard. For example, “Dee Bee” wrote: If they were wearing MAGA hats. This would be #Insurrection instead of Climate Protests.

Congressman Greg Steube (R-FL) appeared on Newsmax this morning to discuss the topics Republicans plan to cover with America’s dishonest AG during his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee today.  AG Garland recently threatened parents against using their First Amendment Right to push back against CRT or Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in their schools while ignoring serious crimes committed by leftist protesters like Antifa.


Rep. Steube had 5 minutes to expose the clear double standard Joe Biden’s radical AG is using to threaten parents and conservative Americans while giving radical, violent, far-left activists a pass—he did not disappoint.

During his questioning of the dishonest Attorney General, Rep. Steube (R-FL) held up two separate images of people “forcing themselves into government buildings” in DC. One photo showed people breaking into the Capitol on January 6th, the other shows far-left climate activists forcing their way into the US Department of Interior, a federal building.

Mr. Garland, do you believe that these environmental extremists who forced their way into the department of Interior are also ‘domestic terrorists?'”

AG Garland’s response to the photo of the violent climate activists was incredible. “I won’t be able to reference this specific incident because this is the first I’ve heard about it.”

“This is the first you know about an incident where protesters forced their way into a federal government building, right here in DC? Like you didn’t hear about this at all?” Rep. Steube asked. Garland clarified that the DOJ might know about it, but he apparently doesn’t.

Rep. Steube held up both images, asking if he would call both acts “domestic terrorists?” AG Garland said he wouldn’t discuss them, claiming he doesn’t know the facts.


What do you think? Is AG Garland the most uninformed person in America, or is he simply an evil man?


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