A confidential memo was sent to Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in mid-July warning that the Taliban was moving quickly and the city of Kabul could collapse within days. Yes, a whopping 23 diplomats wrote a memo warning the Biden administration on July 13th. Still, the administration is claiming they were never told of the impending collapse of the city of Kabul.

This Wall Street Journal report is just one of many warnings the Biden administration ignored, leading to the chaos and violence that is happening now.

When American forces abruptly left Afghanistan, a vacuum was created for the Taliban to move in to take over quickly. American military supplies worth billions were seized by the Taliban, bringing into question why they abandoned this important equipment.

Fox News confirmed that officials within the Biden administration were warned of the collapse of Kabul:

The State Department memo warned the Biden administration that Afghan security forces were collapsing and called for tougher language against the violence from the Taliban. The Biden administration’s Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has refused to call the Taliban our enemy:

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Former CIA analyst Douglas London also warned Kabul would fall in days with American forces gone.

In a recent interview, Biden claimed that he was never told a “rapid collapse” would happen.

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Also, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he never saw any intel information that the Afghan government could fall in days:

‘There was nothing that I or anyone else saw it indicated a collapse of this army in this government in 11 days.’ – General Mark Milley

CNN is even turning on the Biden regime: Ian Bremmer spoke about the warnings given and the lack of communication with our allies about the abandonment of Afghanistan:

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