Thank you to investigative journalist Laura Loomer for doing the work that the authorities haven’t done…She was able to get the room service receipts from Stephen Paddock’s stay at Mandalay Bay.

The receipts tell that Paddock was ordering for two. No, this doesn’t confirm but raises questions about whether another person was in the room and knew about what was going to happen.

The fact that the order is for two people can’t be disputed. Until more details surface, it obviously cannot be confirmed that there was another person in the room full of weapons that Paddock was staying in at Mandalay Bay.

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The other thing that the receipts show is that Paddock checked into the hotel a few days earlier than reported. The reports said Paddock checked in on September 28th but the receipts dispute that. It shows he was there on the 25th of September.

And now this…Records deleted! Laura Loomer: “I just received some disappointing news. ALL of his information has been removed from the system so you can’t find anything. His names gone, reservations gone, everything. At this point the only way I could get information would be from other workers who looked it up yesterday.”

This is all developing. We will keep you updated!

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